A big thank you to all the sponsors!

Peduli Anak Pintar Indonesia got good news today! Ward Berenschot and Suzanne Kroger joined and have become the latest sponsor for Indra Dwi Karna. 

We now have enough sponsors (hurray!) for Siti Humayah and Indra Dwi Karna. If you, your family or a group of your friends want becoming sponsors for more children, please contact us. In the coming years we hope to slowly add to the number of children being send to school.


Peduli Anak Pintar Indonesia


School Here We Come!

We told to Siti Humayah about the continuation of her education. She is really happy to hear that, because she knows for sure that if Peduli Anak Pintar Indonesia does not support her, she will not be able to continue her school.

Even we need more 130 euro, we also already told to Indra Dwi Karna that we also want to support him to continue his school. Because we believe that we can get 130 euro in the coming period. For now my husband is willing to borrow me the money, but I’m sure we will find 1 or 2 more sponsors to cover the remaining 130 euro’s.

Next week I will go to Tegal and help Siti Humayah and Indra Dwi Karna to register to school. Also I will visit their families and talk about the procedures for the coming 3 years.

I’m really excited!

can’t wait for the new website and thanks to family and friends we met in Holland!

Peduli Anak Pintar Indonesia has met with family and friends in Holland, and has told about the project. Everybody was very welcome and positive about what we are going to do in the future for smart children in Indonesia, especially those who come from poor families and have less opportunity to continue their education.

Today Ruben came to vinkeveen and helped us to design the new website of Peduli Anak Pintar Indonesia. Hope that the website will be ready soon, so we can share to other people. Check it out later on www.akpin.com

Hope that Peduli Anak Pintar Indonesia will help more children to continue their education.


Peduli Anak Pintar Indonesia


API in general

Anak Pintar Indonesia is a young foundation that supports the education of talented children in Indonesia. API carefully selects smart children from poor families and fully pays for the continuation of their education.

We currently focus on motivated elementary school students who do not have a chance to enter into secondary school. API believes education is the single most important asset in giving children a chance to better their lifes and make dreams of a better future become real.

A child supported by API will be able to start and finish secondary education. API pays not only their intuition fees, but also all others costs connected to their education.

For more information please contact Nonie Wits, founder of API at nonie_rw@yahoo.com


Nonie Wits


Alhamdulillah..finally the blog of Anak Pintar Indonesia (API) is active. Hopefully I can always update information about API’s activities. Now API has no money to send smart children to school to continue their study, especially to secondary school. That’s why now I’m in Holland and I want to try to get sponsors from Egbert’s family and friends to support API. So, if you are interested in supporting API please contact me to get more information. (nonie_rw@yahoo.com)

This year, as a start, API plans to send two children, named Siti Humayah and Indra Dwi Karna, to secondary school.